Play4P sponsorship of teen suicide awareness events will continue!  Please check the event link for our latest awareness campiagn and pictures from past events.


No one should suffer in silence or hide their symptoms for fear of being misunderstood and it's time we all start talking.



Play4P (PLAY4PREVENTION) is established in through Players Philanthropy Fund (PPF).  Play4P is dedicated to finding actionable and positive avenues to raise awareness about and focus on the prevention of teen suicide.  Our primary focus will be on shining a spotlight on the stigma of teen suicide, and to educate both teens and all parents to bring a voice to teens that need help coping with depression or suicidal thoughts.  We want to give teens and their parents a place to talk openly about the pain and also be offered the resources to be able to get help quickly when needed. Play4P will secondarily focus on helping teens find their passion, to do something they love; and through finding their passion and feeling that self-worth in what they love to do, we hope to inspire and empower them, that even at the hardest times, kids & teens are not alone no matter the circumstance or overwhelming struggle of the moment. Our goal is to bring a voice to the stigma of teen suicide for teens and parents and offer a place to find resource support, open discussion and ultimate comfort and kinship.





Raise awareness and shine a spotlight on the startling statistics about the increase in teen suicides.


Encourage and campaign for everyone to know the signs and to get teens comfortable talking with friends or support members about their feelings.


We hope to inspire and empower all teens to find their "play".....something where teens are active, feel valued and feel value.


We want to help remove the shame of mental health illness and suicide, both to those families that have suffered a loss and to all those struggling with mental health challenges. 



I am Luke Bottari and I am a teen that lives with my family south of San Francisco. Since I was young, I was always involved in a lot of sports and have had a great circle of friends. As I have grown up, I have honed in on the sport of Football and I am currently a Quarterback on my school’s Varsity Football team and also play baseball. Growing up I have been fortunate to live in a close knit community; many of the kids I went to kindergarten with, I am still actively involved with today. We play sports against each other, we rely on each other for advice as our relationships have changed and although we are spread out at different schools, we stay in touch. One of my close friends in middle school was a beautiful girl who moved in the 7th grade. In fact, she became my first true girlfriend in 2016. Her untimely death at the age of 15 is the inspiration for me to start Play4P (PLAY4PREVENTION) and will be the motivation to find positive and accessible ways for us to find avenues to help teens struggling to cope with depression, or more severe mental health issues. No one should suffer in silence, or hide their symptoms for fear of being misunderstood. I hope to make my friend’s legacy one of positive change to do what she loved best, to make people happy and make them smile


“Play4P is deciated to finding actionable and positive avenues to raise awareness about and focus on prevention of teen suicide..

Luke bottari  |  Founder


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